Aegean Seagull Virtual Airline System

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Application Form

Before you start to fill your Application Form, please be sure you have studied our Operations Chart.

Please fill in all the fields below and then copy- paste them in a new e-mail here

Last Name :

First Name :

Year of Birth :

Town/City :

Country :

Primary E-mail Address :                                           (NOT A FREE-MAIL ADDRESS)

Secondary E-mail Address : (Optional)

Type of Flight Simulator you use : 

How many hours have you flown on Flight Simulator? 

Are you a real-life pilot?                       If Yes, what is your rating?                                       and your log book hours?

Are you a real-life Air Traffic Controller?                                         If Yes, what are your duties presently? 

Other Virtual Airlines you fly for?                   In case you do fly for other VAs, do you enjoy being a member for more than one VA? 

Are you Management member of another VA? 

Do you fly on-line?  

How many, approximately, hours have you flown on-line?                                  Please write the callsign you use during these on-line flights of yours:

You should be a member of both VATSIM and IVAO organizations before applying.

What is your VATSIM ID ?  

What is your IVAO ID ?

Are you a virtual controller in any of VATSIM, IVAO organizations?          (If yes what is your rating?)

How many flights ASe pilots are obliged to fly at least every month?

How many flights do you expect you will fly every month, in case you are accepted in ASe vAS?

We organize regularly MultiPilot Sessions. How many times a month would you participate in these sessions, in case you are accepted in ASe vAS?

As stated in our Operations Chart "Aegean Seagullís primary goal is to create an elite group of dedicated pilots...". How do you perceive the term "dedicated pilots"? 

What day of the week is your favourite for on-line flying?

How did you find out about ASe vAS?

What was the point that attracted you the most to ASe vAS

Some more words about yourself : 

Enter any other comments you might have :


Reminder : Your application will not enter the evaluation phase if you do not answer all questions and  supply all requested data.

Thank you very much for your interest in Aegean Seagull Seagull virtual Airline System!!