Aegean Seagull Virtual Airline System

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Pilots Reports

Please take care that you write down all below required data in regards with your flights :

Date of Flight :

Flight Number :

Origination Airport :

Destination Airport :

Alternative Airport :

Aircraft used :

Detailed Route :

Gate Departure Time :

Gate Arrival Time :

Flight Duration :                    hrs (In decimal format)

Flown Distance :                     nm

Vertical Speed at Touchdown (Landing) :                  ft/min

Cruise Altitude/FL :

Cruise Speed : 

Winds at Cruise Altitude/FL : 

Fuel on engine start-up :                        lbs

Fuel on engine shut down :                        lbs

Which network did you log in ? :

Was your flight ATC covered ? :

Comments :


If you are a FSACARS user, be advised that we are FSACARS PIREPs compatible, so the only thing you have to do is to e-mail us your PIREP in the FSACARS .txt format. Please take care to add all the above data via comments in case they are not added automatically. For more info about FSACARS click here.

We are also FSPASSENGERS pirep format compatible. For more info about FSPASSENGERS click here.


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