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Hellenic Phrases

Kalimera : Good Morning (the tone goes to "e")

Kalispera : Good Evening (the tone goes to "e")

Kalinichta : Good Night (the tone goes to the second "i") 

Gia sas (pronounced Ya sas) : Hello or Bye

Antio : So long

Efcharisto Polί : Thank you very much (the tones go a. to the  "o" and the "i")

Parakalo : Welcome (the tone goes to the "o")

Efharisto Poli gia tis ipiresies sas kirie : Thank you very much for your services sir (the tones go a. to the"o" b. to the "i"c. to the "a" d. to the "i" e. to the third "i" f. to the first "i".

Pos iste ? : How are you? (tone of the second word goes to "i")

Ime poli kala efcharisto : I am very well thank you (tones go a. "i" b. "i" c. to the second "a:" d. "o"


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