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Aegean Seagull Flies to Santa’s Home !!! (Year #7)

A nice holiday flight set from Athens Hellas and Vienna Schwechat Austria to Rovaniemi Finland …

Saturday December 15th, 2007

           This is the well-known annual event in Aegean Seagulls calendar and has become a nice tradition for all of us. This year it will consist of a two flights set, with simultaneous arrivals in Rovaniemi. As always one flight from Athens Eleftherios Venizelos LGAV and another from a European city airport which is different every year. This year we have chosen Vienna Schwechat LOWW airport. Select your departure airport and here we come flying to Rovaniemi Finland, Santa's Home! This year, as in last, our event coincides with our friends' Finnish vACC "Fly See Santa" event, so the fun is guaranteed. Everyone can take part in this event, no matter if he/she is pilot of Aegean Seagull. Invite your fellow simmers to this flight…Let’s meet altogether and feel the Holiday Spirit in another dimension….


1. Organizing the Flight

        We will fly our 737-700 or 727-200, but you can fly any of your favorite aircraft as long as you can cruise with minimum Mach 0.78 at FL390.



                2. Scenery Files

           a. For Rovaniemi Airport (EFRO) and other Finland related scenery check 

                Please note! The ILS frequency for EFRO rwy 21 has been changed. You must download the v.4.1 update to get the new ILS frequency 111,7 MHz active. Otherwise (and in default scenery also) the frequency is 109,1 MHz.

         b. For Vienna Schwechat Airport (LOWW) check here.

         c. For Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (LGAV) and other Hellas related scenery check here.



              3. Registration - Is it obligatory?

         By no means reservation is an obligation of yours. But by doing this, you make our planning efforts much easier and our feedback to the corresponding ATC will be more accurate and credible with the minimum possible surprises. On the other hand if you found out about this event some late never mind, appear in LOWW or LGAV and fly with us. This is what counts after all !! In case you register you will receive your assigned gate to place your aircraft and an assigned time slot. Have we convinced you? Please send us your Full Name, Callsign, e-mail address, Country of Origin, Flight Simulator version, Aircraft you plan to fly as well as the time you wish to depart from Vienna or Athens  and e-mail them at We will try to satisfy your wish for your time of departure, but only if this slot is not reserved for another pilot that has opted for it  prior to your registration. All registrations will be treated on the "first come - first served" basis. Have under mind that the first departure time slot for  Vienna Schwechat LOWW is 19:00 UTC  (21:00 Local Hellas Time) and for Athens LGAV is 16:00 UTC (18:00 Local Hellas Time). Rest will follow with a 3-5 minutes interval depending on the final number of registrated pilots. It will be quite difficult to intervene in this slot procedure once it is started and if you would not like to expect your turn after all pilots have departed. So  Please Do Register !!



4. Pre – Connection Procedures - On Line flight

        Be advised that our flight planning has been made on the basis of the AIRAC Cycle 0711. Be sure to have this AIRAC data installed in your system, or check for possible incompatibilities with older or newer cycles. Also if you use FS Navigator 4.x take care and update its airway and intersection databases. You can do this after dowloading from NavData

        Prior to your connection here is a piece of advice that could be proved to be wise. We urge you to utilize the ServInfo, a MUST HAVE utility created by Michael Frantzeskakis (check our Links Page) and find out which of the active servers has the smallest ping time for you. You should choose to connect to this server in SquawkBox/FSInn. Although this is already a standard procedure for the regular and experienced On-Line Flight Simmers, we mention it, so that we reduce the lag factor to the minimum possible level.

        As mentioned above, we will connect to VATSIM network and having contacted the vACCs engaged in our two routes, we expect ATC coverage.  For the record,  you are supposed to know all details about on-line flying otherwise you better leave it for next year when you will be more experienced :-).


5. Meeting Point-Communications-AVC usage

    First of all : The date of flight is Saturday December 15th 2007.       

     First group, which will fly the LOWW-EFRO flight,  will meet at the apron of Vienna Schwechat (LOWW) at 17:00 UTC (Zulu), which is 19:00 Local Greece Time. The whole procedure (clearance delivery) will start at 17:10 UTC (Zulu) and the first departure slot (take off) will be 17:20 UTC (Zulu).

    Second group, which will fly the LGAV-EFRO flight, will meet at the apron of Athens Eleftherios Venizelos (LGAV) at 16:00 UTC (Zulu), which is 18:00 Local Greece Time. The whole procedure (clearance delivery) will start at 16:10 UTC (Zulu) and the first departure slot (take off) will be 16:20 UTC (Zulu).

     Bear in mind that we will apply time slots and assigned gates for our departures to honour our registered pilots. On connect with VATSIM be sure that you have your Squawk on stand by mode and please have your aircraft positioned in the assigned gate prior to this event. Not a big deal after all… 

     Advanced Voice Client is VATSIM's Official Voice Communication program so we will use it accordingly. You can download the latest valid version  here .    

         We will meet in ASe’s event company frequency which is for both flights 

      This will be our check-in frequency where we just announce our presence and confirm our details. When time comes we all switch to the ATC for the rest of our Event. 

    PLEASE set your reality preferences to “IGNORE CRASH” while on the ground. No reason why we should lose time by unpredictable aircraft (pilots ?) behaviour in LOWW's, LGAV's or EFRO’s Apron.

    Connecting to VATSIM network does not mean that voice capability is mandatory. All controllers will provide ATC services even to text-only-able pilots. But… voice makes things much easier for all of us and is one step closer to reality. So please take care and be  AVC able for this flight. 

    Try to use radio laconically and speak loud (not too loud) and clear. You must have your system well tuned in order to take the maximum out of it. Make some testing of your settings. You must also understand that not all of people have English as their native language…. Just for this reason please use standard ATC phraseology as it will facilitate things a lot. Clear, Simple and Effective communication!

    In FIRs that their ATC is not manned we will return to our company official frequency ( and we will return to ATC voice frequency when ATC is again available.

               6. Aegean Seagull Log Book and Santa Claus

        We remind you that you do not have to be a qualified Aegean Seagull pilot to participate in our flight, BUT you must be good at flying your aircraft. Have under mind that ASe is an advanced virtual Airline System and its pilots fly with the highest standards available in the FS community. That means that the fun factor will be greatly enhanced. It is a good opportunity to have a good taste of our operations level and perhaps apply to join us.



                7. Flight plan

      Here are the flight plans in all their details .

      a. LOWW-EFRO


      And here is our Navigation Log :

      Aegean Seagull flies to Santa’s Home Year #7 : LOWW-EFRO


    A/C : 737-700, 727-200 or any a/c type able to cruise with M0.78 at FL370









    Country / FIR

    Vienna Schwechat LOWW Airport Austria/Wien FIR/LOVV
    LANUX RESNA ISEC - 319 59.9 UL858 Exit/Entrance
    DESNA OKF VOR/DME 113.15 329 5.6 Czech Rep./Praha FIR/LKAA
    TABEM TABEM ISEC - 321 20.8
    VOZICE VOZ ISEC - 321 22.0
    BAVIN BAVIN ISEC - 346 25.4 UP861
    DOKEL DOKEL ISEC - 004 41.1
    FRYDLANT OKX VOR/DME 114.85 025 18.3 UL733
    RASAN RASAN ISEC - 019 7.1 Exit/Entrance
    BENEK BENEK ISEC - 019 35.3 Poland/Warszawa FIR/EPWW
    RONEX RONEX ISEC - 019 86.6
    GOLOK GOLOK ISEC - 019 30.4
    BURAN BURAN ISEC - 019 50.3 UP31
    VAPOS VAPOS ISEC - 035 46.2 UN133
    DOMAG DOMAG ISEC - 334 11.8
    KOSEL KOSEL ISEC - 336 4.1
    PENOR PENOR ISEC - 334 39.6 UM607 Exit/Entrance
    TESPO TESPO ISEC - 001 42.0 Sweden/Malmo FIR /ESMM
    XOLNU XOLNU ISEC - 001 68.8 Exit/Entrance
    TROSA TRS VOR/DME 114.30 001 87.4 Sweden/Stockholm FIR/ESOS
    RESNA RESNA ISEC - 008 87.2 UP609
    SIPRI SIPRI ISEC - 034 35.8
    BAKLA BAKLA ISEC - 029 36.5 Exit/Entrance
    ETANI ETANI ISEC - 028 99.6 Finland/Tampere FIR/EFES
    VAASA VAS VOR/DME 114.50 029 20.7
    TILTU TILTU ISEC - 020 20.6
    INKAT INKAT ISEC - 019 38.6
    VASUL VASUL ISEC - 020 39.7 Exit/Entrance
    BABUX BABUX ISEC - 018 118.4 Finland/Rovaniemi Control/EFPS





    Total Distance is some 1220 nm.

    FSNavigator 4.X format flight plan and PMDG FMS flight plan can be found here.

    Note: Final Route is up to pilot's discretion.


      b. LGAV-EFRO


      And here is our Navigation Log :

      Aegean Seagull flies to Santa’s Home Year #7 : LGAV-EFRO


    A/C : 737-700, 727-200 or any a/c type able to cruise with M0.78 at FL390










    Athens Eleftherios Venizelos LGAV Airport

    Hellas/Athinai FIR/LGGG

    ABLON ABLON ISEC  - 323 23.7 UB1
    ILOP DILOP ISEC - 353 10
    OMIRO OMIRO ISEC - 353 25
    SKOPELOS SKP VOR/DME 113.40 353 26 UV652 Exit/Entrance
    PEREN PEREN ISEC - 008 87 UN133 Hellas/Makedonia FIR/LGMD
    EVIVI EVIVI ISEC - 332 54 Exit/Entrance


    355 78 Bulgaria/Sofia FIR/LBSR
    RESLA RESLA ISEC - 352 38
    ERDOM ERDOM ISEC - 352 11
    LOMOS LOMOS ISEC - 352 19 Exit/Entrance
    DIROM DIROM ISEC - 342 58 Romania/Bucuresti FIR/LRBB
    MOKRU MOKRU ISEC - 342 11
    NEKUL NEKUL ISEC - 342 35
    VASIS VASIS ISEC - 342 27
    BESET BESET ISEC - 341 14
    EVRIK EVRIK ISEC - 341 11


    341 47
    NARKA NARKA ISEC - 341 9 Exit/Entrance
    PERIT PERIT ISEC - 341 34 Hungary/Budapest FIR/LHCC
    KEKED KEKED ISEC - 341 46 UM857 Exit/Entrance Slovakia/Bratislava FIR/LZBB
    PODAN PODAN ISEC - 004 54 Exit/Entrance 
    RILAB RILAB ISEC - 007 82 Poland/Warszawa FIR/EPWW


    007 85
    BULEP BULEP ISEC - 009 38


    009 80
    BOKSU BOKSU ISEC - 018 15 Exit/Entrance
    VAKAL VAKAL ISEC - 005 34 Lithuania/Vilnius FIR/EYVL
    GUNTA GUNTA ISEC - 008 92 Exit/Entrance
    ATRAK ATRAK ISEC - 008 14 Latvia/Riga FIR/EVRR


    008 20
    SOKVA SOKVA ISEC - 006 60 Exit/Entrance
    ANAMA ANAMA ISEC - 006 32 Estonia/Tallinn FIR/EETT
    KEMET KEMET ISEC - 006 19


    006 42
    BEKNA BEKNA ISEC - 018 8
    INTOR INTOR ISEC - 018 20
    BALTI BALTI ISEC - 018 5 Exit/Entrance


    018 26 UY75

    Finland/Tampere FIR/EFES

    ROVIL ROVIL ISEC - 332 34


    355 3
    TILDO TILDO ISEC - 355 29
    EMLIS EMLIS ISEC - 354 18
    LUKAT LUKAT ISEC - 354 18
    DIPAR DIPAR ISEC - 354 8
    EPESI EPESI ISEC - 359 37
    VAVIX VAVIX ISEC - 355 16

    355 52 Exit Entrance
    OSTOS OSTOS ISEC - 356 37 Finland/Rovaniemi FIR/EFPS


    356 30
    IRKUN IRKUN ISEC - 356 29
    BILSA BILSA ISEC - 356 27
    KEKOX KEKOX ISEC - 356 11







    Total Distance is some 1850 nm.

    FSNavigator 4.X format flight plan and PMDG FMS flight plan can be found here.

    Note: Final Route is up to pilot's discretion.

           8. IFR charts

     You can find all nessecary IFR charts for Vienna Schwechat (LOWW) here , Athens Eleftherios Venizelos (LGAV) here and for Rovaniemi (EFRO) and Oulou (EFOU) airports here. Also for official Finland AIP Aeronautical Charts check here.

       Last year the event was a huge success on pilots participation terms and holding stacks were heavily loaded. It would be a good idea if you could refresh your holding procedures knowledge, to avoid any kind of inconvenience.


          9. Flight Duration - What to expect in Rovaniemi.

   Duration of the Flight #1 LOWW-EFRO will be approx. 3,0 hours, from engine start up to engine shut down, not counting the delays that may happen due to increased traffic on ground in Vienna.

    Duration of the Flight #2 LGAV-EFRO will be approx 4,0 hours, from engine start up to engine shut down, not counting the delays that may happen due to increased traffic on ground in Athens.

    All pilots be advised that Finnish vACC is organizing an Event for Christmas on 15-16/12 weekend, so expect quite a lot of traffic on EFRO arrival.

    A good friend flightsimmer and real life commercial pilot, Mr Vangelis Hasiotis ASe411 was lucky enough to fly the LGAV-EFRO flight in Christmas 2004 period. To see a photo-report from his visit to EFRO Rovaniemi, click here.

                                                     10. Cruise Flight Level and Mach Number

           First of all we would like you to participate with aircraft that are able to cruise with M 0.78. The suggested Flight Level is FL390 for LOWW-EFRO and LGAV-EFRO as well. This way we will ensure that the final Finland ATC will receive our flight within the specified time window and will not have to wait for us being widely dispersed. Now if you insist to fly with a slower aircraft then you should select a lower FL to keep clear of the M 0.78 main stream. In a case a faster aircraft is your choice, please select a higher Flight Level.


         11. Alternative Airport

        Our Alternative Airport will be Oulu EFOU around 100 nm south of Rovaniemi.


         12. Fuel on board

        For Boeing 737-700 flyers such as Aegean Seagull’s “Island of Skiros” 35.000 lbs of fuel should be enough to cover flight LOWW-EFRO plus 45 mins of holding plus diversion to the alternative airport of Oulou (EFOU) plus medium delay on Vienna ground. For the same conditions in LGAV-EFRO flight 45.000 lbs of fuel are enough. Expect long holding approaching EFRO so take care to have as much fueal as you can in your tanks.


       13. Missed Approach

        Some details about missed approach…

        This is something that every pilot, who respects himself, should pay some, at least some, attention. We, Aegean Seagull pilots, pay much, really much, attention to it. As weather conditions are not a controlled parameter to a flight, you can very easily be engaged a situation well under the minima for the decision altitude in your destination. In that case we execute a missed approach and we either go for a holding pattern and a second approach later either climb and fly direct to the alternative airport. The latest happens when the main destination airport is closed or there is no chance for the weather to become better. We also execute a missed approach when communication with ATC is lost prior to our landing clearance.

        This is the reason why you should study the missed approach pattern at both the destination and alternative airports. If a controller has many aircraft in his area of responsibility, it will be quite difficult for him/her to pay the extra attention needed to you. Besides this way we are as real as it gets…


                                      14. Saving your flight regularly - Reconnection procedures

        We strongly suggest you to save your flight in regular time intervals. This way you can ensure that even if a reboot is inevitable, then you will be within close range of the other aircraft. There is an EXCELLENT freeware utility by Peter Dowson called AUTOSAVE. Its a DLL that goes into the MODULES folder and it does things like saving your current flight status (in standard MSFS situation files) and then if it crashes it just resets your flight back to "10 seconds ago" status. You can have as many sequenced files saved (say last 10 or each 10'') and choose where to start from again. If you crash the aircraft FS will restart from last saved file. If FS itself crashes you can just go and select the situation (flight) file you wish from the list of files when you reload FS. It can be found at -> DOWSON 


     15. Registered Pilots

        In the tables below you can find all registered pilots. 

Aegean Seagull Flies to Santa's Home Year #7  LOWW-EFRO

Departure Sequence  #

Pilot's Full Name 



Aircraft Type

FS Type

Assigned Gate / Stand

Assigned CTOT (UTC)


Savas Tsikkis







Vangelis Dokos

ASE330 Hellas 747-400 FS2004 41 17:25

Aidan Rice

ASE279 Ireland 747-400 FS2004 42 17:30

Dimitris Nisiotis

ASE171 Hellas 737-800 FS2004 43 -



Aegean Seagull Flies to Santa's Home Year #7  LGAV-EFRO

Departure Sequence #

Pilot's Full Name 



Aircraft Type

FS Type

Assigned Gate / Stand

Assigned CTOT (UTC)

11. Nikos Terizakis BMI4RW Hellas 737-700 FS2004 A05 17:05
1. Kyprianos Biris ASE269 Hellas 727-200 FS2004 B15 16:15
2. Christos Makris OAL260 Hellas 767-300 FS2004 B13 16:20
3.. Eddie Armaos OAL331 Hellas 767-300 FS2004 B11 16:25
4.. Haris Kopanidis AEE103 Hellas 767-300 FS2004 B09 16:30
5.. Orestis Doukas AEE953 Hellas A320 FS2004 B07 16:35
6.. George Papaioannou MCS292 Hellas 737-700 FS2004 B05 16:40
7.. Nikos Christopoulos ASE181 Hellas 737-700 FS2004 B03 16:45
8.. Panagitis Verras ASE164 Hellas 737-800 FS2004 A01 16:50
10.. George Dorkofikis OAL132 Hellas 767-300 FS2004 TBA 17:30
9.. Konstantinos Siderakis AEO761 Hellas 737-800 FS2004 A03 16:55
12.. Babis Peribolas ASE300 Hellas 737-700 FS2004 - 17:00
13.. Vangelis Vaos ASE267 Hellas 737-700 FS2004 A09 17:10
14.. Fotis Dimitropoulos ASE516 Hellas 737-700 FS2004 A07 17:15

16. Bonus ASe Christmas livery plus...

        Available for long haulers is the PMDG 747-400 repaint based on our launch livery with Christmas graphics added. This repaint was produced by Paschalis Katsiotis ASe287. You can find it here.

        You can also have the "Bold & Beatiful" project livery for our PMDG 737NG created by Babis Peribolas ASe300 here , or if you prefer ASe's launch livery you can find textures for PMDG 737NG here.


17. Wrapping things up

        Our dear Pilots and friends, we have established something special in the history of Aegean Seagull vAS, Hellenic vACC (the oldest event in its history)  and also well known in the international FS community. Therefore we hope that we will see you flying  with us. As it is a Special Event, you are free to invite friends of yours, even if they are not Aegean Seagull Pilots. We want to share this event with as many pilots as possible, because we want to share this strong tradition of our Virtual Airline System. 

      Many Thanks to 

- Mr Vangelis Hasiotis ASe411 for his contribution in the real-life LGAV-EFRO flightplan and EFRO approach/visit photo reportage. It feels really good to know that one of us flew this dreamy route as a real pilot !

- VATSIM's Finland vACC, Hellenic vACC, vACC-SAG (Austria) for their valuable support in our Event. 

        Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or question you might have.


         Finally our best wishes for

  Merry Christmas and a Healthy & Happy New Year to you and your family !!!.



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Document last updated on : 15/12/2007 - 17:15 Local Hellas Time

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