A Seagull pilot Mr Vangelis Chasiotis ASe411 (who happens to be a real life commercial pilot as well) had the luck to fly the LGAV-EFRO route in Christmas 2004 period. Here is his photo report.
Yes, lots of it... and literally EVERYWHERE :-)
If you are lucky (runway contamination, braking action, wind) you take Runway 03.
If you are MORE than lucky :-) you get runway 21 (more time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and not only...)

So, an easterly downwind and then an ILS Approach runway 21...
Vacating to the left and taxiing via snoway B (oops-taxiway B I meant) with the follow-me showing the way...
...to GATE Number 8 with the Ramp Agent waiting fot you.
Engines OFF and an after landing inspection follows... (watch your steps... its slippery!)
...hm... time for a hot cup of coffee INSIDE the terminal, dont you think? :-)

Happy Landings,

Vangelis Chasiotis