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Aegean Seagull vAS Under Publicity Lights

Article published on FSINN Europe on the 1st of December 2001 reporting on the "ASe Flies to Santa's Home" Yearly Event.

  Saturday, December 1, 2001  
  Aegean Seagull Virtual to Visit Santa

Posted: Saturday, December 1, 2001 by Kevin Archibald

ATHENS, Greece (FSINN) - In a company press release from the Aegean Seagull Virtual Airline System, it was announced that the jolly old man himself would be getting a visit after the holidays.

From Athens, Greece, an airline hosted multiplayer session will whisk its participants nearly 2000 nautical miles to Rovaniemi, Finland, the reported location of Santa Clause according to airline officials. The group will be lead by Aegean's 737-700 taking them on a predetermined route over Eastern Europe. Such countries along the way are Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, and Finland.

For those interested in joining the session, registration is necessary for proper sequencing. Detailed information can be found on Aegean Seagull's website.

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