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1. Should we fly our flights at the exact time that schedules dictate?

    Operations Chart Paragraph  6. Pilot reports (PIREPs) : "No flight will receive its credit if it has not been flown with the aircraft type assigned to it and at least with the provised time of departure. In case there is deviation from the arrival time, the pilots should be in position to justify the reasons why."

    So yes all flights should be flown according to the schedules provised time. To be more specific here is an example : Suppose you decided to fly Flight 1100 From Athens Eleftherios Venizelos LGAV to Alexandroupolis Dimokritos LGAL. From the schedules tables you can see that the departure time is 06:10. Now when you are about to start up engines, you should enter time 06:10 in your FS system. You do that, because our flight time counts from gate to gate. 

    Have under mind that at the time we designed our schedules we provised so that if you add/substract 12 hrs from the scheduled time, you will be able to fly your flight in day or night time. In the above example let's say that you would prefer to fly in the dusk and not in the down. Enter 18:10 in your system to enjoy the flight as you like. Just remember to enter the correct 06:10 time and the respective arrival time in your PIREP. After all it is just a matter of time format :).  Although this is not quite realistic, we want to be as much close to our pilots' needs and for this reason, we minimize as much as possible restrictions on such matters.

2. What happens with the departure/arrival times, when we fly Multiplayer Sessions?

    As always when you fly for ASe, you should tune your aircraft clock to the prescribed time of departure. The only thing that might happen would be to fly a daylight flight while you cannot see the sun outside your window. No big deal for us flightsimmers yes? :)

3. Am I allowed to transfer my previous VA hours to the ASe roster? This is because although I would like to fly exclusively for you,  on the other hand I do not want to lose all my logged hours.

    We appreciate a lot the fact that you would like to fly exclusively for us, but our principle is adamant: Operations Chart Paragraph  3. Appointment procedure:"....We do not transfer hours logged for other Virtual Airlines. A pilotís career in our VAS starts from Zero hrs."

4. Am I supposed to fly my flights on a specific network?

    ASe has an equal distance policy in regards with the On-Line flying Organizations. It is for this reason that we will organize our Multiplayer Sessions alternatively on them. It is up to our pilot to which network he will fly his/her flights except for the MP ones of course.

5. Should I bid for a flight before i fly it?

    According to Operations Chart Paragraph 5. Flight Assignments: "... No need for bidding"

6. I try to find out how am I going to download Aegean Seagull's aircrafts but with no result. Am I missing something?

    According to Operations Chart Paragraph 7. Fleet Structure: "The Fleet of Aegean Seagull is meant to be exclusively used by its pilots....."

    So you will not find the way to download our fleet, because only registered pilots are entitled to use it. It is a special tribute to the ones who put themselves under evaluation to enter ASe and finally made it.


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