Aegean Seagull Virtual Airline System

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Aegean Seagull virtual Airline System feels the need to thank

George Matsaridis, Vangelis Vaos, Nikos Gerontoukos and Babis Peribolas for their help in order to raise AeS off the ground as soon and as efficiently possible.

Antonis Spirou for his kind permission to use his online Roger Wilco server and especially frequency as an official company frequency.

Mike Kara for his generosity to make Aegean Seagull vAS the first VA worldwide to receive its custom IVAO MONITOR TV and WX Display.

Arno van Vulpen for his kindness to remove some errors from our homepage.

We would also like to thank the creators of our original aircraft models for their invaluable input to our hobby : Jorge Oppenheimer, IADG.



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